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BeHeTec GmbH & Co. KG has been involved in crane wireless remote control systems since 2004. Our employees’ professional experience in this area goes back to 1988.


To this end, we can offer you crane control systems, developed in-house, as well as batteries and chargers. Custom solutions are available through our large production depth as well as our own software and hardware development.


We also offer batteries and Chargers - from our own production - fit to the systems of other manufacturers.


For example, the HBC radiomatic GmbH, Hetronic Steuersysteme GmbH, Abitron GmbH, Putzmeister Holding GmbH, Schwing GmbH, Ikusi Angel Iglesias S.A., IMET s.r.l, Palfinger AG and Scanreco AB.


BeHeTec batteries are manufactured with VARTA cells and low-wear contacts for a long life.





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