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Service, spare parts, batteries, chargers

to Abitron TGA/TGB radio controls


new TCC radio remote controls.


We offer the service, spare parts, batteries, chargers for

Abitron TGA transmitters and TGB radio controls 

- identical to the TCC radio control (Tele Command Control) -


!! Use the full potential !!

- TCC (Tele Command Control) -



For more information, see remote control and below:


- Use of special or own switches (analog / digital) possible

- Feedback, e.g. Data from sensors, on illuminated display

- Own texts for control commands or reported data

- Integration of circuit sequences into the radio control


- Combinable multi-transmitter, multi-receiver and tandem operation with release / takeover

- Receivers can be selected via switches and / or IR

- Emergency withstand for systems with frequency converter

- Freely selectable driving commands

- Execute/block functions depending on RFID or IR reception

- Definition of working range or switch-on condition via the IR function

- Switch-on pin adjustable by the customer

- Power saving mode, stand-by selectable

- Replaceable battery


For dealer:


- Dealer configuration and programming tools available

- 2 lines in the info display for short information

- 8 lines of service display for your contact details

- More than 50 programmable logic functions for control sequences


    * Locking, toggle, triggerable Switch-on and Switch-off delay

    * Binary value, memory



Certified according to ISO13849-1 (PLe)


DIN EN 61508 (SIL3)