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Best of TCC

(Tele Command Control)

  • Certified according to ISO 13849-1 (PLe) and DIN EN 61508 (SIL3)
  • large selection of frequency ranges
  • protection class IP65
  • feedback

  • eceiver housing aluminium 280 x 180 x 100 mm
  • 3 emergency stop relay with separate outputs
  • 29 output relays optional extensions (analog, digital, bus systems)
  • wide input voltage ranges for AC or DC
  • removable antenna on the receiver
  • on request with HAN32 connectors

  • stable, ergonomically shaped transmitter housing
  • push buttons one- or two-stage with 5 mm stroke, 2, 5 mm per level
  • rotary switch with two to four click stops
  • strap for carrying or belt loop

  • large backlit graphic display 41 x 25 mm centerpiece rejuvenated for system and data
  • with recessed grip for safe one-handed operation
  • infrared (IR) - function, turn on or work in the field of vision
  • emergency stop - pushbutton - sheltered from knocks
  • battery working time > 10 hours at 100% operating time

  • radio start function
  • zero forced
  • multiple station operation with release and transfer function
  • multi receiver mode for tandem and individually selectable recipient
  • active frequency switching; changing channels without interrupting
  • power-saving function for long battery working time
  • Code - protect; protection against unauthorized use